Be an excellent solutions provider in the global onshore and offshore- marine, mining industry and general


Exceed customers’ expectations with our innovative and cost effective solutions by complying with the highest
safety and quality standards. We do so by Working for our success and not just wishing for success.

  • People – Responsibility – Humanity – working with the Sirius Foundation, we endeavor to work and
    align with each community. Communities generate with understanding, communication, culminating in
    humanity awareness and progression. Humanity is close to the foundations goals. Progression and not
  • Relationship – The seamless symbiotic relationship between ideas and technology creates the platform
    for success. The Sirius Integrated have and shall always show openness to support and work in a
    philosophy. Openness between all involved within and around shall enforce integrity to each other.
  • Environment – Sustain , Build to improve and protect the environment.
  • Future – to be serious about the future – Respect – Everyone Counts.
  • Dare to Dream – Make a difference – learning without Boundaries – Succeed through Partnership, Each
    person shall communicate in a pragmatic format. Honest communication develops people without
    restriction or prejudice.


P.R.E.F.D – is as acronym for the VALUES of Sirius Integrated Limited, pronounced as “Preferred” – Our values
are based on what we believe to be the preferred option in doing business. This evolves the options to move
generations forward with a dream.

People – How responsible are we
Relationship – What are the leverages of relationship we instinct
Environment – How well do we plan to protect our environment?
Future – We encourage our partners to be serious about the future
Dare to Dream – together we will work together to develop a working concept to achieve the dream.

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